Why Elections, The Tea Party & Activism Won’t Save Our Republic. But There Is An Answer

I recently had a life changing event. It happened during a meeting with a fellow political activist who through great personal sacrifice has discovered the root cause of why all attempts to restore America’s original Republican form of Government have failed and will continue to fail. More importantly he has discovered the solution. It’s not because he’s some all knowing guru, like everyone else he’s a flawed human. Many people have discovered parts of the solution but no one has put all those parts together until now. The solution he found is not a untried theory but in fact has been battle tested multiple times with miraculous results. To achieve meaningful reform this solution must be learned and spread to everyone willing to be an activist.

Elections and activism are very important, unfortunately are rendered ineffective because corruption undermines the goals. The key is to focus on a strategy to end the corruption.

To understand the solution you must understand the root cause of the problem.  Philosophically it’s nothing more complicated then the pursuit of power. The manifestation of this lust for power is a corrupted political system. This is no great revelation most moral thinking people recognize this obvious fact. The founders recognized the danger and logically concluded that power corrupts therefore it must be separated and bound with the shackles of checks and balances. The corruption is the cancer that is eating away the body of our Republic. One of the reasons all attempts at reforming the Republic have failed is we are diverted by tyrants towards the symptoms. The tyrants allow some of the symptoms to be cured creating the illusion that progress towards reform has been made. The reality is the march towards tyranny is slowed at best but never stopped and most certainly not reversed.  Without curing the cancer all attempts at reform will fail. Moral people simply are worn down trying to cure the never ending symptoms. Tyrants have perverted the process to the point that moral people not knowing the true source of the problem never fix the root cause.

Why is this so?

Again it’s a simple reason, we are divided in our efforts so we always fail. Tyrants divide and conquer us. In order to stop this devious tactic we must discover what divides us. For the rest of this article I will refer to the solution as the “plan” because that’s exactly what it is. Tyrant’s always have a plan and if moral people who believe in freedom don’t have a unifying plan we will continue to fail. It’s not the purpose of this article to cover the intricate details of the “plan” That will be covered in a series of articles on this blog.

What exactly is dividing us?

To understand clearly what is dividing our efforts we must accept a undeniable fact. Immoral people stay united easier then moral people do. What I mean by moral people are those who believe in universal truths that it’s wrong to lie, cheat and steal. This is not about religious morality, though religion teaches these principals. The “Plan” will work as long as moral people never use the evil tactics of the immoral people. It is immoral to think “the ends justify the means”. The “plan” will unite everyone regardless of race, religious beliefs, or lack there of. It will unite people from incredibility diverse backgrounds. The reason, the “plan” is based on love and freedom. “Love thy neighbor”. “Treat your neighbor as you wish to be treated”. These are concepts from the Bible but the “plan” is a combination of secular and religious sources because the “plan” is for political purposes. Truth is truth no matter what the source.

Moral people come together as a group to seek wisdom. Immoral people seek power.

In the case of our political system the intent of the founders for congress was to have a deliberative body that seeks wisdom in order to best guide this country.  This principal applies to every form of activism as well. This is why organizations with good intentions will fail if they ever seek power. The leaders of those groups adopt the tactics of the immoral people and though they may win a few battles they ultimately lose the war.

Why don’t moral people succeed using immoral tactics in an organization?

Immoral people who’s goal is power will resort to anything to obtain it. When a group of moral people, out of frustration resort to immoral tactics for expediency they will ultimately fail. The tactic will divide and conquer because the people who are the most faithful to their principals will not tolerate using evil means to accomplish a goal and will leave if they cannot change the tactics. That means they lose the heart and soul of their organization and the spiral down begins.
Immoral tactics will also ruin the organizations reputation outside the group, because moral people hate hypocrisy.

The “plan” can only succeed if it is followed completely.  Like an engine if you remove any essential parts it will not work. Though the “plan” is simple in concept it is extremely hard to implement. It will require people to change their behavior.

This is absolutely necessary because the current tactics utilized by activist including myself have been for the most part ineffective. In my next article I am going to fully explore all the details of what divides us. The change in behavior that will be necessary to unite us and how the very political system that is being used against us can be turned on the tyrants and bring them to their knees.


About Phil Pepin
Small business owner, political activist, President of Bexar Republican Freedom Coalition, Member of the Executive Board of Texas Republican Freedom Coalition.

4 Responses to Why Elections, The Tea Party & Activism Won’t Save Our Republic. But There Is An Answer

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  4. Rick Mason says:

    The plan, in my own word and in my opinion, should be this: DO NOT vote for ANY party or candidate that you, as an individual, do not trust or support. Period. In other words, DO NOT vote collectively by “uniting” behind this or that candidate. That is how they get us!

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