Glenn Beck & Rick Perry Do The Texas Two Step

Did Glenn Beck Cooperate With Rick Perry’s Campaign To Marginalize Debra Medina?

The news media is in a feeding frenzy over the so called interview between Glenn Beck and Texas Gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina. Glenn Beck attacked Debra Medina with accusations of being a 9/11 truther.

Here’s the interview starting at the point where the 9/11 questions begin.
I played the interview over a few times and I came to the realization that Beck very likely intended to sabotage Debra Medina’s campaign. As I began to dig deeper more evidence supporting my assertion was discovered. What caught my attention first was the 9/11 question itself. Glenn Beck said he received lots of e-mails claiming Debra Medina was a 9/11 Truther. Part of Medina’s response was “I have never been asked that question before.” That raised a red flag in my mind. Why had that question not been asked before? Debra Medina has been campaigning for months and has had hundreds of interviews.
My suspicions grew stronger when I heard this YouTube clip from Dallas talk radio station KLIF confirming that in all of the many interviews they conducted with Debra Medina over several months not one question about being a 9/11 truther was asked.
The fact he asked such a inflammatory question so early in the interview, indicates he was trying to marginalize Debra Medina in my opinion.
The next indication of sabotage was the part of the interview where Glenn Beck appears to be trying to stop Debra Medina from continuing to answer the question and Debra Medina seems to ramble on ignoring him. I played the video again and got a sense that it was a setup. If you are not familiar with talk radio it’s easy to be tricked. When a talk show host decides he wants to mock a caller there’s a gimmick he does by switching off the signal feed to the telephone line. An old pro like Beck has undoubtedly used it many times in his career. And sure enough I find another clip from radio station KLIF where Debra Medina mentions not hearing Glenn Beck during the part where he tries to stop her talking. Starting at the 9:15 mark begins her comments

I remembered at the beginning of the interview Beck made a big deal out of not knowing anything about Debra Medina. Red flag number three popped up. That seemed odd considering her supporters had been on a email blitz to Glenn Beck and his staff for some time. I did a search on Google and I came across this posting. It has a copy of an email exchange between Pat Gray and a Debra Medina supporter. Pat Gray is Glenn Becks sidekick on his radio program. He’s also a former Houston talk show host who routinely attacked Congressman Ron Paul. Debra Medina is a Ron Paul supporter. Pat Gray has voiced support for Rick Perry. To top it off Pat Gray responds in a scolding manner that he’s sick of all the Medina supporters flooding the shows email boxes. The date of the email was a week prior to the interview. So I’m supposed to believe that Glenn Beck knew nothing about Debra Medina? Most talk show hosts at least try to find out some background information to ask better questions.

Now comes another bizarre coincidence. Sources from station KLIF reported that people have been receiving robo calls from the Rick Perry campaign accusing Debra Medina of being a 9/11 Truther. People started receiving calls 7 minutes after the interview ended.

Any reasonable person looking at the series of events that occurred would have to acknowledge that there is enough probable cause to warrant an official investigation. It should also get the attention of the news media. Unfortunately propaganda has shamelessly been used against Debra Medina already. Recently Chris Mathews accused Debra Medina of being racist for her stand on nullification and interposition. I thought that was a all time low. Mathews and MSNBC were so lazy and unprofessional in their propaganda they overlooked the fact they accused a woman of racism who is in a mixed racial marriage.
Now we have this despicable display of unbridled arrogance from Glenn Beck. Even if you set aside the events I mentioned above. And only take in account the immature behavior of Glenn Beck. You see a man who takes delight in trying to destroy a grassroots campaign. Like crazed hyenas Beck and his sidekick exchanged one pathetic vulgar barb after another for an entire hour segment. Here’s a small sample that started immediately after the interview ended.

 Source Glenn Beck Website:

GLENN: Yeah. Okay, Debra, thank you very much. I appreciate it and best of luck to you.
MEDINA: Thank you, Glenn.
GLENN: You bet. Bye bye. I think
PAT: Problematic?
GLENN: While I don’t endorse anyone
PAT: Problematic?
GLENN: I think I can write her off the list. Let me take another look at Kay Bailey Hutchison if I have to. Rick, I think you and I could French kiss right now.
PAT: Let me tell you something. He’s a damn handsome man.
GLENN: He’s a damn handsome man.
PAT: Looks good in a pair of jeans.
PAT: He’s a handsome man.
GLENN: Wow. The fastest way back to 4%.
STU: (Laughing).
GLENN: Holy cow.

Debra Medina was born and raised in a small south Texas town. She’s a Nurse who started a small successful business. The kind of person Glenn Beck claims to be the champion for and wants to run for office. She’s supported by many of the Texas Tea Party members, a movement Beck claims to believe in.
Glenn Beck the multimillionaire employee of Fox News mocked and ridiculed a humble Debra Medina after passing judgment on her in a matter of minutes.

The ugly truth is, judgment was made well before the interview. He twisted what she said to destroy her. But it’s not just her he’s trying to destroy, it’s the hopes for a better Texas that thousands of regular people who support Debra Medina have. Those people donated countless hours and have given their hard earned money to her campaign. Unlike Rick Perry, Debra Medina’s funds come from many small donations not big corporations. Glenn Beck dismissed Debra Medina and the people she represents as being insignificant as a gnat.

 I saw a commercial on Fox promoting Glenn Beck’s next TV program. The title. ” Elites Verses Regular Folks” I suggest Glenn Beck can save some trouble and feature himself as the ruthless elite.

I was a guest speaker at the April 15th 2009 San Antonio Tea Party it was such an honor. I got to be back stage with Glenn Beck and his guests. I have great pictures of the event. I have some of them posted on my Facebook page. I’m going to delete the ones with Glenn Beck in it. I simply can’t stand to see his face right now. Shame on you Glenn Beck.
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Published: Saturday, February 13, 2010